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Welcome to The Jersey Community Relations Trust

The Jersey Community Relations Trust was set up as a charity by the States of Jersey in 2004 and is run by a Committee of eight trustees, including one States Member.

Our mission is to promote equality of treatment and opportunity in our community.

                              Jersey Women in Business Report

Gender imbalance has been a specific area of focus globally as it relates to diversity on boards and senior management positions within organisations.    During 2014/2015 JCRT held a series of workshops designed to help women advance in politics and business. The workshops highlighted the challenges faced by women in the workplace because of a lack of diversity across all sectors of industry.
It is commonly agreed, that the composition of businesses and boards should reflect the market in which they operate. There have been numerous studies confirming the premise that businesses and boards are more effective if recruitment is from the broadest pool of applicants. Gender diversity on boards and throughout senior management nurtures diversity of thinking which enhances the decision making process and promotes stronger leadership. The strongest and most successful businesses are those which embrace and support diversity. Companies which actively promote programmes supporting gender equality achieve better financial performance than their peers (Catalyst 2004).

The major industry in Jersey is finance which is inherently risky because of high transaction volumes, complex structures and high value commercial activities.  Aaron Dhir of Yale Law School interviewed a number of Directors and reported in “The Atlantic” (May 2014) “that women were more likely than men to thoroughly deliberate and evaluate risks. Women, in their view, showed a greater propensity to monitor firm management. Many male directors thought that women’s status as outsiders to the corporate boardroom, and the male networks that constitute it, contributed to their independence and introduced new perspectives born of different experiences into the boardroom”.   This is a powerful argument for Jersey business to support the appointment of more women at board and senior management level to provide a counter-balance to the risk decisions which have to be taken in the financial services industry and to support good corporate governance at board level in all industries.  It is interesting to note that 9 out of 10 Commissioners on the Financial Services Commission are male. (October 2015). The senior management of the Commission has 21 Directors of which 18 are male.   

It is recommended that the States of Jersey set an aspirational gender equality target of 50% at senior levels across all States' Department and organisations in which they have an interest.   The full report can be found on the "What We do Page"  "Women and Leadership"

The Trustees welcome feedback on the Reports which are published.  

Join the trustees of Jersey Community Realtions Trust and make a difference

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Closure of Anti-Bullying Counselling Service:

It is with regret that we announce the Anti-Bullying Counselling Service is closing with effect from the 4th November 2015.  Existing Clients will receive counselling services until the 4th November but the service is not taking any new referrals with immediate effect.

 For further information on support services please contact:

Citizens Advice Bureau :  0800 735 0249     www.cab.org.je

Samaritans: 725555 or 08457 909090 e-mail jo@samaritans.org




Education Report

The JCRT publishes the first ever report on equality in the Jersey education system.

The Trust commissioned Professor Tony Kelly from the University of Southampton to examine equality of opportunity and wellbeing in the Jersey school system. The report looks in particular at the experiences of pupils from low-income families, children with special educational needs and children for whom English is an additional language.

The full report by Professor Kelly along with the Trust's abridged version can be found on our What we Do Page - Education.

The Trustees welcome feedback from any interested parties - email info@jerseycommunityrelations.org in the first instance.


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The Jersey Community Relations Trust is committed to social reform.
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